Fees Payable

Fees Payable (2020–21)


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Fees Payable (2019–20)


Fees: Rules

  1. All existing fees are subject to an upward revision from time to time. However, sufficient advance notice will be given before any revision is given effect to.
  2. Admission is granted on the specific condition that the guardian undertakes to pay all applicable fees and charges, as existing or revised, by the dates specified hereunder or as will be otherwise intimated.
  3. (a) Once admission is granted to any class, no fee, except the Caution Money Deposit, after adjustment of dues, if any, will be refunded even if the pupil is withdrawn from the School before/without attending a single class or withdrawn before the Session begins.
    (b) All refunds will be made after 15 working days after the receipt of a claim.
  4. When a pupil finally leaves the School, the Caution Money Deposit, less any amount due to the School, will be refunded.
  5. (a) Please retain the Caution Money Deposit receipt and read the terms and conditions printed on its reverse carefully.
    (b) In case the Caution Money Deposit receipt is lost, an indemnity bond, executed on a 50/- non-judicial stamp paper, must be submitted to the Accounts Office for obtaining a refund. The proforma of the bond is available from the said Office on request.
  6. Session Fee is payable every year at the beginning of the Academic Session. No part of it is refundable even if the pupil leaves before the end of the Academic Year.
  7. Tuition and all other fees are payable monthly as follows:
    (i) April 2019: at the time of Admission.
    (ii) May 2019 – March 2020: by the 10th day of each month.
    Unless otherwise necessary, no reminder regarding the dates by which the above-mentioned monthly payments are to be made will be issued.
  8. (a) A Late Fee of INR. 250/- will be charged if any fee is paid after the due date but on or before the last day of the month in which it is due.
    (b) A Late Fee of INR. 500/- will be charged for any fee paid after the last day of the month in which it is due, but before the end of the following month.
    (c) If any fee, whole or in part, remains unpaid for more than two consecutive months, the name of the pupil concerned is liable to be struck off the rolls without any prior intimation to the guardian.
  9. At the time a pupil finally leaves the School, all dues must be paid in cash or by a demand draft or pay order.
  10. All payments, except that mentioned in paragraph 9 above, should be made by NACH or a/c payee cheques in favour of Garden High School – IISER Campus. The name, class, section, and ID No. of the pupil concerned should be clearly written on the back of a cheque. The receipt issued will be valid only on encashment of the cheque. Outstation cheques, except those payable at par, will not be accepted.
  11. A charge of INR.250/- will be payable if a cheque/NACH mandate is dishonoured for any reason.
  12. Even if fees have been paid in advance and accepted, prolonged absence of a pupil without prior intimation and/or permission of the School authorities is not permissible. School authorities reserve the right to strike off the rolls the name of a pupil if he is absent for a month, inclusive of holidays, without prior intimation to and permission of the Principal.
  13. At least three months’ notice should be given in writing or three months’ fees, including Transport Fee where applicable paid in lieu thereof before a pupil may be withdrawn from the School.
  14. All dues to the School must be paid and clearance certificates obtained from the authorized Librarian and Games Teacher before a Transfer Certificate can be issued.
  15. The loss of a Fee Book should be reported immediately to the School Office. A fresh Fee Book will be issued on payment of  INR. 50/-.
  16. The School reserves the right to frame new rules or modify existing ones for collection of fees.
  17. The Fee Book will have to be produced whenever required if the fee is not paid by NACH.
  18. If necessary, a guardian may meet the Principal for further information.
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