Art & Design Corner

The great artist Pablo Picasso told – ‘It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.

Children are the master of their creative mind and that creativity forms a crucial part of the diverse range of human expression. Professional art mentors are always there to encourage a child’s own creativity, not to impose anything on them.

A child doesn’t critique his work – he always feels free to paint and with pleasure, enjoying the fine and gross motor experience of moving paint and watching lines, shapes and colors come to life. Even in middle and high school children are very spontaneous regarding their own creativity
There are separate art rooms for imparting training. Children create wonderful artworks using oil pastels, water color, pen, poster colors, acrylic, oil, collages. Sometimes we arrange different art workshops e.g. terracotta sculpture, lantern making, umbrella painting, linocut etc. Pupils showcase their Art works in Art & Craft Exhibition in school premises.

Overall Garden High School takes immense care for children to develop their art and aesthetics. Our moto is to acknowledge pupil’s own language of creativity.