Transportation Services

Applicable for Classes from Nursery I to Class XI

  1. It must be emphasized that transport fees are based on expenses incurred annually, but realized through fees over a period of twelve months. Therefore, transport fees are payable even for periods during which the School might be closed due to various reasons like vacations, recesses, holidays, etc. and due to unforeseen circumstances or circumstances beyond the control of the School authorities.
  2. Classes X and XII pupils availing of school transport will have to pay fees for the entire academic year even if he/she stops availing of such service before the end of the academic year.
  3. Transport Fees are payable by the 10th day of each month. Unless otherwise necessary, no reminder regarding the dates by which the above-mentioned monthly payments are to be made will be issued.
  4. The transport fee is payable for all the 12 months of a year directly to the agency/contractor, as notified by the School authorities.
  5. Badges will be given to Nursery I to Class III pupils availing of school transport for the purpose of identification. Guardians must make sure that their wards wear bus badges while travelling by school transport and attending school.
  6. Any loss of a bus badge should be reported to the School Office immediately and a new one obtained on payment of `50/- (Rupees fifty only).
  7. The amount is payable on a monthly basis through NACH (National Automated Clearing House).
  8. A Late Fee of Rs. 250/- will be charged if fee is paid after the due date.
  9. A charge of Rs. 250/- will be payable if NACH mandate given is not honoured on the due date.
  10. If fee is paid after the due date or NACH mandate given is not honoured on the due date, the payments with late fee and other charges should be made by A/c payee cheque in favour of the agency/contractor and deposited at the designated counter or paid online as advised. The name, class, section and ID No of pupil concerned should be clearly written on the back of the cheque. The receipt issued will be valid only on encashment of the cheque. Outstation cheques, except those payable at par, will not be accepted.
  11. In case a guardian wishes to withdraw his ward from the School, he should inform the School in writing at least three months in advance or pay three months’ transport fee like the School fee.
  12. Pupil will be dropped only at the predetermined alighting point.
  13. A guardian cannot personally collect a pupil availing of school transport except in an emergency. In such a case, a request should be made to the Principal through the Student Portal for permission to personally collect his/her ward from the School by 10.00 a.m. on the concerned day.
  14. The School reserves the right to introduce new routes or modify the existing ones.
  15. In the event of any abnormal increase in the fuel prices, the School may be compelled to revise the transport fee even during the middle of the Session.
  16. Click here to know the details of routes available.
  17. Bus Fee (Payable monthly)
    Up to 05 kms                      : Rs. 2000.00
    From 05 kms up to 10 kms : Rs. 2200.00
    From 10 kms up to 15 kms : Rs. 2500.00
    From 15 kms up to 20 kms : Rs. 2800.00
    From 20 kms up to 25 kms : Rs. 3000.00
    From 25 kms up to 30 kms : Rs. 3200.00