• Rules
  • Bus Routes
  1. School transport will be available on specified routes. The School Office should be contacted for full particulars.
  2. Please check with the School Office for the exact pick up and dropping points, which once fixed, cannot be changed to cater to individual needs.
  3. A fleet of vehicles will be run by transport operators duly authorized by the School. Each vehicle will have an escort and will be in constant touch with a supervisor present on the School premises throughout the day. The supervisor may be contacted whenever required during school hours.
  4. It should be noted that after classes are over for the day, children take considerable time in coming down and boarding their respective vehicles. No vehicle can, therefore, begin its return trip immediately after the School is over.
  5. A special bus badge will be given to every pupil availing of School transport. This badge must be worn by a pupil to facilitate identification.
  6. Many private transport operators, totally unconnected with the School, may display the name of the School on their vehicles and offer transport facilities to pupils. Guardians are hereby cautioned that the School will have no control over them, and cannot, therefore, assume any responsibility whatsoever for the safety and security of pupils while availing of such transport facilities.
  7. The School Office should be contacted in case of any difficulty.

Bus Fee (Payable quarterly)

Up to 05 kms                         :  Rs. 1650.00
From 05 kms up to 10 kms :  Rs. 1850.00
From 10 kms up to 15 kms :  Rs. 2150.00
From 15 kms up to 20 kms :  Rs. 2450.00
From 20 kms  up to 25 kms:  Rs. 2650.00
Sl No. Route No. Route Description Download
1 Route -01 Naihati Kathgola (26 km), Garur fari (24.5 km), Nabanagar Post Office (17.5 km) Halisahar Vaskodama College (16.5 km), Chain Gate (13.5 km), Kampa More( 12km), Charapole (10 km), Mandouri (5 km), 3 No Gate, School
2 Route -02 Birpara Bus stop (2no Market), ITI More (11km), JNM Hospital (10 km), Kalyani Station(8.4km), Shib Mandir, Anandanagar(5 km), Gayeshpur Checkpost, School
3 Route -03 Nagarukhra (16.5 km), Fatepur(10km), Haringhata Bazar(7.2km), Via Rajberia bazaar(7.5km), Barajaguli (3.8 km), School
4 Route -04 Halisahar Ramprasad Ghat(19.5km), Bagmore(17.5km), Gandhimore(14.7km), Chain Gate(13.5km), Kampa more(12km), Charapole (10 km), Mandouri (5 km), School
5 Route -05 Kalyani Buddhapark (13 km), Central Park, 14 No. Market, 1 No. Market, JNM Hospital (10 km), Kalyani Station(8.4km), Shib Mandir, Anandanagar(5 km), Gayespur Checkpost, School
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