Winter Camp – GHS IISER Kolkata campus

TALESPIN  – Workshop on Story telling

GHS-IISER Kolkata organised a 5-day long Winter Camp at the school premises from 2 January 2017 till 6 January 2017. The camp was called Talespin and it focused on the art of story telling. In the camp the students  learnt the structure/ format of a story, designed their characters using Origami and gave voice to their characters by writing dialogues. They used posters to structure their tales and sharpened their vocabulary to better the narratives.

The workshop was a fun-filled and interactive program, comprising of music, videos and collaborative tasks. It focused on their creative skills, writing skills, communicative skills, interpersonal skills, acting skills, enunciation and voice modulation.

On the final day of the workshop, students enacted their stories in front of their parents, teachers and the principal.

Some pictures of the camp are available here.